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Rules: Read them!

The rules put here are not created to discriminate against any person, any group, ideology, following, or any other sort of division of peoples. These rules exist to ensure the ease of submission by members, and equally importantly, to ensure quality control.
As such, any and all forms of yuri, anime based or not, are permissable

To clarify this point we do not deny your pictures if you are not good at drawing. So long as it is evident that you have put some effort into the drawing, it will more than likely be accepted.
The only reasons for your submission being declined will be because it infringes upon one of the rules below.

The group owner reserves the right to alter, add, or dismiss rules as situations demand. Nonetheless, it is not in the interest of this group to narrow the submission criteria to outrageous amounts, and the staff will always strive to make it as easy as reasonably possible for members to use this group. If you feel this is not happening please contact the group founder, whose icon may be found lower on the page.

1/ No submitting works that do not belong to you: After a number of complaints, this has been extended not only to works that just plain aren't yours, but to pictures made from bases, and to pictures that you have only tweaked or altered in some way.

-Works have been coloured, re-drawn, or feature other people's characters may be submitted only if the image features the original artist in the description. We are trying to avoid violation of rights here

2/ No submitting works that do not convey a Yuri pairing: "Yuri" can mean anything from friendship to hot blazing love.

- Pictures that feature only one girl may be submitted if they are definitely lesbian characters. This information may be put into the artist description, or perhaps conveyed by some visible sign, such as the girl reading a lesbian magazine, or checking out girls from afar, etc.

- After some deliberation on the point, as long as the theme is yuri-based, there may be male characters in the picture. This amendment is to allow such things as men comically looking in through a window, or being tied up and kept out of the action, or something similar. The male may not participate, for that by definition negates the yuri aspect of the picture, and therefore makes it ineligible for submission.

3/ No submitting half finished works please: Please do not give us half-done pictures. Clean, crisp lineart is okay, but not with the squiggles and various dots and things on it, please.

- This goes for half-done coloured pictures too.

- For the same reason, we do not accept works that have not been uploaded onto DA in a neat fashion, such as badly scanned items, badly taken camera shots, or anything else that might not show the picture in its best light.

- Please also keep the pictures you submit in their highest quality, please.

4/ If your submission is declined, feel free to contact an admin of the group. please do not keep resubmitting it

5/ Please do not spam the front page: This includes advertisements for other groups hate messages, or arguments. Please relate issues with the group or how it is run directly through me or one of the other admins.

- This rule does not apply to contest adverts for other groups. Contest adverts for other groups may be posted in the comments section once.

- No repeating adverts, and no reminders.

6/ You may submit as many deviations as you wish: Just keep them in line with the rules.

7/ If your submission is literacy, please try to make it as well written as you can: There is no language barrier, but it is strongly recommended you write in English, as this is a primarily English-speaking group.

8/ Adverts of any sort will NOT be posted in the group journals: No exceptions.
Adverts may be placed in the comments section of the front page. See rule #5 for full details.

Thank you for taking the time to read, unless you didn't, in which case read the above text, and then read this sentence again.
It has come to my attention that recently, there have been a number of times increasingly that I have been forced to decline submissions. More disturbingly still, people seem to be of the opinion that I and the other admins are doing this out of a dislike for their art.

Let me assure you that this is not happening. I for one would never do this, both out of a moral obligation as founder of this group, and out of the practical sense that doing so would actually harm the credibility and popularity of this group. It doesn't benefit me to be a jerk.
(If anyone suspects that they are being treated unfairly, I urge you to contact me directly via note)

I should like to make it clear that this group will not deny any picture so long as it is clear that some effort has been put into it, and that it follows the liberal criteria of the rules. We do not deny people their submissions just because their pictures aren't world class, this group is not so elitist.

In response to these, for lack of a better word, accusations, I have made it my business to outline the rules a bit more, make them a little more specific so there can be less misunderstandings. The rules have been updated

On a different although related note, people are really starting to irritate me with their ignoring the first rule of submitting pictures that do not convey yuri. This is a yuri group! Submitting pictures of naked girls without any hint or indication whatsoever that they are a lesbian will be declined. It's not enough to be a girl, it has to be yuri, or this would be the "Anime-Girl-Group", which spells AGG, which I'm sure is some kind of STD.
(Incidentally I inherited the group, and had nothing to do with the name, but the point still stands)

Anyway, rant over, informing members of changes completed.

- yours in fellowship

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We gather all things Yuri, and put them on display
Founded 8 Years ago
Feb 2, 2010


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Fan Club

6,613 Members
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Uniformes. Capitulo 5
Capítulo 5: Odio
Aquel beso destrozó todo lo que podía haber en mi, pero algo también estaba creciendo. Un sentimiento oscuro y agobiador crecía por momentos. ¿Cómo podían haber personas como ella de despreciables que jugasen con los sentimientos de los demás sin importarles nada? Con fuerza cerré los puños maldiciendo cada parte de ella y en mi cabeza resonaba su risa burlona. Lágrimas recorrían mis mejillas, lágrimas de impotencia, de rabia y mi deseo, asestarle un golpe bajo y que sientiese todo lo que yo estoy sintiendo.
Giré sobre mis talones y me fui sin siquiera dirigirle de nuevo una mirada. Llorar no me valdría de nada, sentirme como una idiota esperando por un príncipe en un caballo blanco imposible, ya tenía la edad suficiente para ver la realidad con mis própios ojos y andar por mi própio pie. Amor no sentía, mi corazón se había impregnado de odio hacia
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Thank you for everything! by LizzyANT Thank you for everything! :iconlizzyant:LizzyANT 15 0 Stay with me ... by LizzyANT Stay with me ... :iconlizzyant:LizzyANT 29 4 In the rain, but still together! by LizzyANT In the rain, but still together! :iconlizzyant:LizzyANT 31 4 My cute little love! by LizzyANT My cute little love! :iconlizzyant:LizzyANT 8 0 Its not very easy to see future... by LizzyANT
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Ivy and Mags 80th by ZoKpooL1 Ivy and Mags 80th :iconzokpool1:ZoKpooL1 6 0 Mila And Yedaky by TehpandahxD Mila And Yedaky :icontehpandahxd:TehpandahxD 10 4 Comm - I know you like it by FantomeFumee Comm - I know you like it :iconfantomefumee:FantomeFumee 10 20
Uniformes. Capitulo 4
Capítulo 4: Miedo
Acurrucada en la reconfortable cama que compré unos meses atrás me encontraba tapada con la sabada y un par de mantas cubriendo mi rostro impregnado de lágrimas que no cesaban en su trayectoria. Las horas pasaron y cayó la noche acompañada con una gran tormenta. Todo era perfecto para la escena de un drama y yo era una de las protagonistas y en el fondo deseaba que no fuera la única protagonista.
Las gotas de agua golpeaban el cristal de la ventana de mi habitación con fuerza como si quisiesen entrar y acompañarme en mi soledad. Ni teléfonos, ni timbres, lo había quitado todo; no quería a nadie. Había creado un mundo donde nadie podía entrar, el pase, sólo lo poseía yo.
Mis párpados acabaron cerrados del cansancio introduciendome en un sueño del que deseaba no despertar. Podía ver en él aquellos ojos celestes que tanto me cautivaban e hipnotizaban y tus labios di
:iconshiryuuoerba:ShiryuuOerba 2 4
POKE POKE by xXMidnightMelodyXx POKE POKE :iconxxmidnightmelodyxx:xXMidnightMelodyXx 18 13
Uniformes. Capitulo 3
Capítulo 3: Albinos
Un intermitente susurro me envolvía constantemente sin poder escuchar nada en claro y una sensación de helor envolvía mi mano derecha que yacía apoyada en el pasamanos del tren. Mis ojos pedían a gritos cerrarse, pero los baches del tren impedían su deseo. El cansancio y el sueño picaban a la puerta pues no los había dejado entrar desde hace más de 24 horas.
— Hey Miku, estás para el arrastre — dijo Rin zarandeandome un poco.
— Al menos mira el lado positivo. Hoy no llegaremos tarde — dijo Len intentando alegrar un poco las cosas.
— Si esa es tu forma de animarla vas bien — dijo con ironía la Kagamine.
— ¿Pero que te ha pasado para que estés así?
— Pues... simplemente no podía dormir — dije con una sonrisa poco creible.
— Bueno... si tú lo dices...
Estaba claro que no podía decirles nada de lo ocurrido, ni s
:iconshiryuuoerba:ShiryuuOerba 3 11
Uniformes. Capitulo 2
Capítulo 2: Enfermería
Nuestros ojos se cruzaron unos segundos y agarré aquella mano que me extendía. Me levanté lentamente intentando recordar donde la había visto y ella sonreía divertida.
— No sabía que estudiarás aquí. Ha sido una gran sorpresa, créeme.
De nuevo no pude decir palabra alguna, ni siquiera sabía de lo que me estaba hablando ni recordar donde la había visto, pero de alguna manera su tacto se me hacía bastante familiar. Finalmente abrí la boca para hablar, pero fui interrumpida.
— ¿Os conoceis? — dijo Meiko con los brazos cruzados y una ceja levantada.
— Sí — contestó.
— No — contesté.
— ¿Cómo? — dijo extrañada la enfermera en prácticas.
Al escuchar la respuesta una de la otra nos volvimos a mirar, pero ella aún más extrañada y yo sin entender nada de nada. Todos los presentes en silencio es
:iconshiryuuoerba:ShiryuuOerba 5 8
Uniformes. Capitulo 1
Capítulo 1: Cabello rosado
Con sus dedos rozaba cada rincón de mi cuerpo, sus labios se posaban en los mios con delicadeza y su lengua jugueteaba con la mía. Su cuerpo acostado en el mío embriagandome de su fragancia y calor. Su mirada era pura dulzura y sus cabellos acostados en mi pecho produciendome pequeñas cosquillas y carícias; de sus labios salió un hilo de voz pronunciando mi nombre "Miku..."
Alcé la mirada para adentrarme en sus pupilas celestes y de mis manos caía su fino y bello cabello suelto.
Todo era perfecto hasta que desapareció por un molesto estruendo proviniente de un pequeño inconveniente.
— ¡Hatsune Miku, despierta! — la chirriante voz de la rubia logró despertarme de mi apacible sueño — ¡Qué es el primer día y llegarás tarde!
— Sí, señorita Kagamine — dije con tono burlón al que ella sólo sopló de mala gana
:iconshiryuuoerba:ShiryuuOerba 8 7
Commission: Bondage Girl by Vampenxwitch Commission: Bondage Girl :iconvampenxwitch:Vampenxwitch 107 47 Kisumi and Love Roch by Murzac Kisumi and Love Roch :iconmurzac:Murzac 30 10












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I'm currently searching for people who might help me with a fanfiction story of Persona 5 (NSFW, at the moment Yuri genre featuring Makoto and Haru)! It's actually a doujinshi made by me, but because I want the dialogue (and the scenario) to be good I wanted to ask if there could be any fan writers interested in collaborating with me?

I personally think that writers who are fans should be able to convey the feelings and characteristics of the the cast better than someone who isn't experienced in creating works of art with words alone! :la:

Could you please recommend me how to do a request concerning this? Or if this is possible at all in this group?

Of course I can send you some notes with some sample pages if anyone is interested!^___^

Thanks to everyone who answers my request!
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